For businesses, Facebook is a formidable communication lever for forging links with customers grouped together in a community of fans. But sometimes Nicaragua Email List arise within them. Disagreement is inevitable and when differences of opinion or customer dissatisfaction arise, the brand must be very careful and react tactfully to prevent the situation from escalating.

Managing a community is therefore no easy task! It is wise to know and control conflicts in order to avoid damaging youre-reputation. Here are our 3 effective tips to effectively moderate your Facebook page. Creating content is good, but knowing why and for whom we create it is better! This can be translated for example by: “Convert 10 visitors to my website into prospects via my articles on content strategy within 2 months”

Take Into Account The Criticisms

You can use your Facebook page to receive customer reviews and recommendations. It is a great way to improve the credibility and image of your brand. But it sometimes happens that certain Internet users will express their dissatisfaction. The reasons are various: quality of service or product, delay etc. They will therefore seek to express their discontent publicly.


Even as an administrator, you cannot delete a review left on a page. So what to do? Facebook generally advises contacting the reviewer to better understand the source of their dissatisfaction and to try to resolve their issue (s). Sound advice: Responding to complaints can help boost your company’s image.

Give Your Customers A Voice

Keep in mind that Internet users like to feel privileged . They are the (future) ambassadors and they must be put forward. Since January 2019, a Facebook badge appears next to the profile of a user who comments on a post. This is a small innovation to promote the most loyal fans of a page in order to encourage them to share and like. To not lose them, you have to constantly interact with them and bounce off their comments, whether positive or negative. Humor is sometimes a good way to create an exchange, to put people at ease and even to reduce certain tensions. But beware, a humorous response should not be offensive. Finally, do not hesitate to like and share a post that quotes your brand. The fan who published it will feel encouraged and renew their action .

Animating and moderating your community is an essential exercise. There are other ways to moderate an online community, but the three above are important for ensuring a good e-reputation. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.

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