Have you ever thought about using Instagram Stories for your business? It’s now or never !
500 million people use Instagram Stories every day. This figure shows that it is Netherlands Email List an important channel for brands . Additionally, 62% of users say their interest in a brand or product increases after seeing it in a Story. One in five Stories receives a direct message from a user today.

So these aren’t just fun and creative, they’re perfect for boosting subscriber engagement, developing your brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and even sales if you have an e-commerce business. ! To go further, do not hesitate to download our white paper to understand how much it would be interesting to invest to achieve your goals of new customers.

What Is An Instagram Story?

A story is like a collection of ephemeral photos and videos. Stories are quick and only stay onscreen for a few seconds. They are also completely deleted after 24 hours. Stories are a separate tool from the News Feed. Consumers may or may not see them. They generally aim to highlight spontaneous, even informal moments. The idea is to promote your brand by building a more authentic corporate image , but above all more lively!


Knowing that 33% of the most viewed stories come from companies, there is something to be done, right? So here are 3 tips to make a good story. Be consistent in your stories: they should complement the information you try to convey in regular posts. In other words, they must provide additional data and are seen as a “bonus” for Instagram users. They’ll find it easier to watch a story that tracks the information they’ve seen in their news feed. Plus, because a story’s duration is short, users can better understand the message you want to convey.

Keep Your Story Consistent

To keep your story consistent with users, always use the same color scheme. Choose colors compatible with your graphic charter so that users remember when they are viewing your brand’s story. Using filters in your stories allows you to capture the attention of more followers, which will encourage them to watch your story to the end and engage. These filters are also an opportunity to highlight your products / services. These allow you to magnify a shot and convey emotions.

Whatever format you use (photo or video), it’s important to be creative . You can use various Instagram tools, stickers and emojis to provide original text. You can choose them based on weather, season, time or your location. However, don’t use too many stickers or emoticons, or your content will be overwhelming. You must use them to add an emotion (humor, love, sadness, happiness …) to the message conveyed.

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