The era of social networks having contributed to the development of video on the Internet, among others with YouTube, Facebook and today TikTok, Vietnam Phone Number List the right video strategy is essential for brands of the 21 st century. An obvious conclusion, but an implementation that is much less so, with differentiated tactics, depending on the media, networks, audiences and even the terminals used.

To decipher the different forms of video strategies on social media, the Visionary Marketing investigators carried out an in-depth survey, carried out a mini benchmark and interviewed Mathieu Fiorenti, in order to build this vade-mecum of video strategy on social media.

What Are The Ingredients Of A Good Social Media Video Strategy?

At a time when Youtubers and influencers have become more professional, video has also gone upmarket. Whether we are talking about content, how to present it and promote it, a long way has been traveled in the past 15 years. For each platform and each use, there is a suitable strategy. Watch our how-to video to learn more about best practices. Another video, with the interview with Mathieu Fiorenti, will give you more strategic advice on each of the platforms.

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When digital marketing raises awareness within the company, and the approach is accepted by management, the digital marketing strategy audit , or that of its website , has certain advantages. It is a step of reflection which avoids wasting resources and money on poorly coordinated activities and it allows companies to know where they are when it comes to digital, where they can go and where they are. the means they will need to be successful. This approach brings together all the players concerned within the company., and this is an opportunity for the service provider to raise awareness of all stakeholders in the company to the challenges of web marketing. A good opportunity to take stock!

Many Companies Are Starting Out, But With A Sizeable Challenge

Many companies have therefore explored the path of video. If the success of content marketing is therefore no longer to be demonstrated, its popularity and massive use have raised the level of quality necessary for content to be noticed.

Unfortunately, as Mathieu Fiorenti points out in the video testimonial that you will find at the end of the article, the difficulty that companies encounter in adapting their tone in their content remains one of the most important obstacles to the success of a video strategy for a brand on social media. To stand out on these media with video, it is therefore necessary to change your approach in order to find your audience. In partnership with the publisher of 4K Video Downloader software, we explored 3 main directions to be followed in order to be successful in making your marketing videos a real success.

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