Although the position of Community Manager (or CM) and the principle of Community Management are becoming more and more democratized in Réunion, this area of ​​expertise is still “rather poorly” integrated within companies. Not necessarily having the knowledge, companies still think that the CM is something simple, thinking that it is enough to post a message on a social network and then that’s it… but no!

In this article, we will discuss 3 important points that should be taken into account before embarking on community management. They made the said revolution, but are they still revolted today? Did they not take advantage of the flaws in the system to find a warm place, not always in line with the sayings of May 1968?

Do I Have The Means To Do Things Correctly?

Obviously, without a budget, it will not be possible to get started in the field properly. Depending on the size of the structure, it is important to identify the needs and be aware of the scale of the tasks. Companies Zambia Email List be aware that by investing in social networks, it has several aspects to take into account. First of all, there is the creation of content (photos, small videos, etc.), because without content there is not much you can do. Then there is the animation and moderation of social platforms, to supervise communities and personalize messages. Finally, an advertising budget should also be planned in order to be able to reach the right people.

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Some companies are thinking of saving money by investing in low cost CM. But often it remains a basic communication without real strategic approach (which is felt on the quality). This is not trivial, since in the end, it will not bring in any money. It is important to create useful and quality content for the user!

Human Resources

As you might have guessed, to manage the CM you will need a person or a team. Considering the resources available, you must ask yourself whether to recruit or outsource . Each has its advantages and disadvantages!

The community manager nowadays has several hats (which is always a good thing), whether it is to create visuals or to write content. Recruiting comes at a cost, but will the CM bring together all the skills needed to create content? Not necessarily, it will therefore be necessary to find THE right person!

The second option is to use an agency, which has a lower cost. The goal is to dedicate all the CM part to a competent team. It is with this in mind that a well-structured team that knows what it is doing can carry out the various tasks.

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