The arrival of the Internet has changed consumer habits. Better informed about products and services, more demanding and more inclined to compare, they need to establish a real relationship of trust and Suriname Email List with brands. Faced with this development, companies have no other choice but to adapt. To meet the requirements of their customers, they must prospect in a more automated way while being more personalized. They also need to be closer to customers while being less intrusive. A real headache? Not necessarily if you have checked these three points.

The first thing you need to get customers on the Internet are platforms. Communication channels, digital spaces, call them what you want, but they correspond to meeting places between your brand and your future customers. Your website is your central platform. But you can and should even use others like trade blogs or social media.

The Tools

Once you have set up your communication with your customers on the right channels, you need to verify that you have the right tools to manage them. When we talk about customer management tools, we often think of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management). These software generally include all the basic functionalities to manage your business activities, your sales and / or your marketing. You will find there sheets on your leads, customers and prospects as well as dashboards. You will be able to easily classify your customers, your tasks concerning them and easily carry out the follow-up (calls, reminders, invoices …)

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New generation CRMs are also moving towards digital in an advanced way by including features such as automated sending of emails or integration into the Cloud. In addition to a CRM, you can, if the need arises, equip yourself with specialized tools to manage your platforms: measurement software for your website or your SEO, software such as Agorapulse for the management of your network networks. , mailing management platforms like SendinBlue or Mailchimp …


Have you defined your communication channels and your tools? All you have to do is get started. But not just any old fashioned way: you will need a methodology. Finding new customers on the Internet is not rocket science … provided you know how. Usually, the method is to start from the needs of your customers to define your strategy. This is called the “bottom-up” approach: we start from the base (the customer) and we go back to their needs towards the company. The approach is different from the traditional “top-down” methodology, which consists of defining the strategy upstream in the company and then deploying it to your customers.

Finally, when you feel that you have too many tools, you can opt for a centralized platform like Hubspot.
It goes without saying that you will have to choose the channel or channels according to the objectives you want to achieve. No need, for example, to go to a social platform like Twitter if your future customers are young people who mainly use Snapchat or Instagram . These aspects, prospects will really realize once they have signed up . And if the quality is there, then they will come back, or even recommend you!

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