Before starting marketing actions and even in all strategies in general, it is important to know why you are going to set up a marketing strategy, but also for WHO! Indeed, if you do not want to waste your Congo Email List and especially your money, you must clearly define your target (by defining a buyer persona ) and your objectives. Here we will see the three main points on which poor targeting will have a direct consequence. The points discussed relate to the blog, social networks and emailing.

It is necessary to create optimized profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter . We have already addressed the issue of a full profile on LinkedIn in a previous article, so I invite you to refer to it. Overall, the takeaway is that you need to have certain elements present (profile photo, speaking title, compelling summary, full experiences, recommended skills) and well complete.

Poor Quality Traffic

The main cause of getting poor quality traffic is the relevance of blog posts as well as their ranking on search engines. The articles must answer the questions asked by your target audience, so that is why it is necessary not only to optimize the text for SEO , but also to be relevant in your remarks.

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A too generalist article will inevitably bring back people whom you do not want, who do not correspond to your recruitment criteria, it is what is defined besides in the “negative persona”. Poor quality traffic will therefore bring you poor quality leads, you will have reached a target who does not need your product / service. ut also pay attention to the message delivered! It is sometimes very easy to fall for the bad buzz. In fact, Facebook also offers more native video content when users watch it. These are also growing in popularity, as Facebook’s algorithm favors this kind of content.

An Irrelevant Community On Social Networks

For the impact of bad targeting on social networks it has two aspects: the publication of content itself and advertising. If you post content on the wrong platform and it is not at all suitable for the medium, you are going to fail . If you have not chosen the platforms used by your target (perhaps by ignorance of the sector), you are deploying resources in a vacuum. Or even worse, degrade your brand image . So don’t go head-to-head on the latest fashionable social network, but choose wisely the platforms where your customers are! And then, keep in mind that there are tips to improve your brand image as explained in this article on corporate branding available on Adler’s blog.

On social networks, you can sometimes launch advertising campaigns. The consequences of poor targeting will be the same here as for blog posts. If you choose the wrong audience for your ads, you will naturally reach users who are irrelevant to your brand. Another negative consequence, people can pollute your brand page and you will be forced to make a more assiduous moderation. Fortunately, with these campaigns, it is possible to stop or modify them at any time (especially on Facebook ), in order to limit the damage.

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