In a previous article we saw the importance of quality in the publication of content on the Internet , but to have an effective presence, it is also Guam Email List to research , identify and classify the different content available online that we does not produce yourself. This is called the day before . The day before must be assiduous, even almost daily. Because everything on the Internet is constantly evolving, and as a result, there will be new things to discover every day, regardless of the field of activity!

Knowing what the competition produces allows them to adapt and do better than they do (just by observing what is working and what is not working for them). We thus note the good practices and the mistakes not to be made (which the others have obviously made).

How To Do The Day Before?

In order to carry out effective monitoring, it is important to arm yourself with the right tools. Free or paid, the web is full of a multitude of platforms, each as practical as the next. Here is my list

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Alerts is a great tool that Google makes available to us. You can create as many alerts as you want (and on any term) and choose how often you receive them in your mailbox. Curation is the fact of selecting and possibly re-sharing content on a subject. By collecting the various contents, you will then be able to publish them in your turn . It is important to understand that you should only talk about yourself (by posting only content that is unique to you). By doing this, you show that you are not just thinking about yourself and you will thus make yourself known.

Monitor Directly On Social Networks

As I mentioned above with TweetDeck, it is possible to monitor Twitter thanks to internal search, lists, but also current trends (visible on the Twitter home page, on the column from the left). Tip: remember to mention the content authors as much as possible in your publications: you must give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar …

It can then be interesting to place sub-objectives, which make it possible to federate and (re) motivate the troops if necessary! To come back to our example, we will try to be more precise: “commercially” becomes ” transforming visitors into leads (prospects) “. We have already identified what we are talking about, it is easier for the future. We continue ? 🙂

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