In Réunion, there are currently no less than 180,000 users on Instagram. We can even say that it is the social network that is experiencing the Palestine Email List growth . Sharing photos, short videos, stories , this social network used by committed Internet users, is of great interest to companies. Do not hesitate to download our white paper to monitor your social networks in 10 minutes a day.

Decision phase : Your persona is ready to take out the card! Now is the time to stand out from your competition and show them that you have better things to offer than them. example : this agency has obviously already worked on similar cases, I feel that I can trust it Each of your content must be differentiated according to the persona and the phase of the buyer journey in which it is. The more the content is adapted and matches the problematic of your potential customer, the more likely you will be to convert it .

Optimize Your Instagram Profile

What we call “profile” is nothing more than your home page on the network. This is where you briefly present your company and leave your contact information (email, website, etc.)

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So start by filling out your bio, briefly explaining what you are doing. Choose a profile picture consistent with your brand. Finally, add a link that refers either to your site or to another platform. Indeed, you should know that Instagram does not allow you to add links in each post. In other words, it is thanks to your “bio” that you will be able to generate traffic to your site for example.

Develop A Clear Editorial Line

As with all other social networks, you must respect the editorial line in line with the image of your company . Now is not the time to put a picture of yourself on vacation. You have to stay consistent with the product or services you offer. So publish content that matches the interests of your target (s) .

Providing quality images is one of the rules that you cannot deviate from on Instagram. Indeed, the more you offer beautiful images to your Internet users, the more they will be loyal to you. You can use a professional camera but with a good smartphone, that also does the trick! In any case, you will have to take care of your account! To help you out, here are 5 types of content that works on Instagram. The magnitude of this traffic acquisition task is often underestimated by many companies and maybe even yours. It is however necessary so that your online presence is not only illusory.

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