Some tips for your complex sales content strategy. This is the title of my short Qatar Phone Number List on December 2 at the Social Selling Forum in Hauts de France (when I lived there we called it the Nord Pas de Calais, but it must have been too hard to pronounce) organized by Loic Simon. An opportunity for me to come back to a good number of points which seem to me important, resulting from our field experience of 7 years, a figure as everyone knows, conducive to reflection.

Be original Try to write a headline that is out of the ordinary. This is the best way to intrigue your reader and get the maximum engagement around your article. Judge for yourself: Go to your Google Analytics account and find your most viewed article of the year . What can you deduce from this? Do you think the title contributed to his success? On the flip side, also check the title of an article that you think has not been appreciated. What do you see?

8 Tips On The Basis Of Your Complex Sales Content Strategy

A content strategy is an ultra trail , a “campaign” is a (advertising) sprint. True content marketing practitioners never use the term “campaign”. Apart from the fact that this word is linked to a military vocabulary, antithetical to the very spirit of content marketing, the common error hidden behind this word is the expectation of an immediate result. Content marketing is work over time. Look at John Deere and his Sillon ( The Furrow ) which still exists after 125 years of practice!

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Content strategy vs. content without a strategy: the term content strategy is not neutral. If we are talking about strategy, it is because we have an objective. Of course, in complex sales the objective is to sell, that goes without saying. Complex sellers also know that a sale takes a long time. With experience, a good salesperson can even estimate, on average, the average time to sign a deal. In any case, a good advice is to know in advance what you want to achieve in the long term with your content, which will prevent you from producing it without thinking.

Tips On Shaping Your Complex Sales Content Strategy

Stand out from the crowd : Avoid all-white white papers at all costs. There is no point in rewriting the same thing that is already found everywhere. There is nothing worse than downloading aWhite Book
The white paper (or whitepaper or position paper) is one of the pillars of a content ma … 20 pages, to read it in 30 seconds, because it is superficial, and to realize, in the end, that nothing has been learned. And that in the end it was just a bait to receive your precious email address and spam you.

But even if you spam me for 100 years, seeing as you haven’t taught me anything with your whitepaper, I won’t be listening as a customer. So you have to stand out from the crowd and come up with original things and work on the substance of your white papers. Don’t Burn Out : A problem I often see in businesses is burnout trying to produce content. In general, this goes hand in hand with the lack of experience in the field: the less you know and master thecontent marketing

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