Prospecting clients, sharing contacts, finding a job, creating opportunities … Whatever the reasons, you must have taken part in professional Kiribati Email List events: an afterwork , a meetup (for those who do not yet know is the world’s leading networking platform), breakfast , pro show, etc. So many opportunities to forge relationships and expand your address book.

But do you have the right reflexes? Are you well prepared to make the most of it? Here is a list of 9 tips to put the odds in your favor! Before the event 1 / set a goal Before going, you have to ask yourself: “Why am I going?” If it is to find potential customers, try to leave with contacts of qualified leads (sector, position, etc.), which you will have approached in the evening. Your time is precious so make the most of these events!

Know Who Is Coming

If the attendee list is available (Eventbrite, Facebook event), grab it and do some research . Which companies are there? What are the guest posts? This will save you time during presentations and better target the people you want to meet. If the list is not publicly available, it doesn’t cost anything to ask the organizer for it!

Kiribati Email List

Find out beforehand if a dress code is planned (chic, casual, normal). Not in the theme: perfect for giving an unnecessarily bad impression! Contact the organizer to find out what outfit to wear. And if there is no info, put on regular work clothes . 4 / Think about your business cards and a pen Prepare a stock of easily accessible business cards . Do not be stingy and avoid finding yourself short of cards. Also, carry a pen with you to take valuable notes (see below).

Introduce Yourself To The Organizers

On your arrival, meet the organizer immediately and introduce yourself. You will be able to thank him for the invitation and he can possibly put you in touch with other guests. 7 / Position yourself well: near the bar!
Are you at an afterwork or a networking aperitif? All right, there must be a bar. Whether you drink or not, the bar is where everyone passes , between conversations. Wait until the person concerned has their glass in their hand and has eaten their small oven to start the discussion (having to greet someone with a toast in their mouth is rarely nice).

8 / Listen before speaking Nothing better to start a discussion than to let your interlocutor speak . In addition to being a mark of politeness, it allows you to be more relevant in your turn. Indeed, once the presentation is finished, your interlocutor will be more relaxed and focused on what you have to say.

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