Discover tips, secrets and techniques from great specialists in graphic design design is a very broad field that encompasses skills such as screen printing, formatting, illustration, and user experience . Although they are all connected to each other, each one has a unique and special learning process. To become a complete professional, it is necessary to know something about each subject. In the following tutorials you will find essential advice from great professionals that will allow you to expand your knowledge of graphic design.

If in addition to watching the videos you want to access the full instructions, click on the red title of each tutorial . Illustrator tutorial essential tips for beginners before starting to create your illustration and graphic design projects in illustrator, it is important to know some basic functions that make it easier to use the program.


Illustrator tutorial: the 3 basic ways to design.

With 15 years of experience in design and branding , gilian jewelry retouch service gomes giliangomes , a graphic designer and illustrator who loves typography and art direction, teaches us how to use guide lines, zoom and screen movement in this software , making the creation go much faster. Screen printing tutorial how to prepare your illustration for printing risography and screen printing are two forms of printing with which you can achieve very specific results in your illustrations. Screen printing is a printing technique that consists of transferring an ink through a fabric.

Risography, for its part, is a digital printing system that achieves results very similar to those of screen printing. If you want to print your illustrations on these two systems, it is very important to know how to export your files, in order to get the best possible results. Jimena estíbaliz jimenaestibaliz is an illustrator specialized in editorial illustration who usually uses risography and screen printing to finish her work.

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InDesign Tutorial: Menus and Windows for Beginners.

In this tutorial she teaches us how to create the final files BHB Directory of your illustrations with photoshop and indesign so that you can print them. Affinity designer tutorial the 10 basic keys for beginners affinity. Designer is a revolutionary vector graphic design software that, since its launch in 2014, has been awarded with the most prestigious awards in the industry, such as the apple design award or the windows developer award.

But how does this alternative to illustrator work ros rosvectors , vector master and graphic designer specializing in data visualization and highend presentations, teaches the basics of affinity designer for beginners in this tutorial. Indesign tutorial how to create a pdf for printing preparing a file for printing may seem like a simple process, but it requires care and attention to ensure everything goes according to plan. In cases where you need crop and bleed marks, the process will be a bit more complex, but not impossible.

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