Twitter is an invaluable online marketing tool – especially if you know how to make your tweets go viral. Twitter can drive traffic to your online store and will allow you to generate engagement from existing customers and those who still consider themselves prospects. But many people still struggle trying to find time to tweet , especially busy entrepreneurs. Also, it can take time to grow and gain an audience and followers willing to share your content. So what is every online store owner to do? Simple, we recommend you take advantage of some of the most used tools to manage Twitter, reducing the time you spend on this social network, with automatic processes but always maintaining the human touch. Here are 10 ideal tools for small business owners.

Buffer With over 1 million users worldwide and counting, Buffer has made its mark. If you ever wanted to spend a specific amount of time each day on Twitter and just “set and forget”, then this tool is for you. Literally once you’ve found the content Oman Phone Number you want to share daily, Buffer will schedule your tweets throughout the day, preventing your followers from feeling spammed by the content you share. The platform also allows you to share your content on other social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.IFTTT Do you want to have more free time while your Twitter account increases participation? Then IFTTT ( if this then that ) is your solution, an amazing automatic content curation service.

Acquire More Twitter Followers

It allows, through a few clicks, to add popular actions by connecting “channels” such as your favorite social network, storage services or automatic content services. Simply select the “ trigger ” option (the “ if ” part) and then “ action ” ( the “ that ” part), and that’s all the heavy lifting you’ll have to create what it calls a “ recipe ”. You can create your own personalized content to send, or you can search for some already created by other users. My favorite allows you to enter RSS news from my favorite blogs and send links to my new posts directly from Buffer, programming them appropriately. Now that you know that life is easier by automatically scheduling content curation, you need to determine when is the best time to share it. Fortunately, there is also a tool for this.

Twerlod is a tool that analyzes the activity of your followers to determine. What time of day they are most active. Maintaining a constant level of publications. You should only review it when your followers grow considerably.. tweeterspy. This tool works magically by helping you identify which user is driving traffic to your site. So you can drive higher engagement and add it to your influencer marketing strategy. Tweeterspy works through a small code that you must embed in your site to be able to obtain data on the number of clicks that. Tweet or person sends to your site. Not only will it allow you to know who are those who are supporting you. But it also serves to be able to approach prospective clients.

for Many Business Owners

If you want to show how interested you are in a topic relevant to your business or maybe you just want to connect with other experts who are looking to learn more about your industry, then WeFollow is for you. With more than 1.3 million users, this platform allows you to search for people by their interests, which can be from design to beauty products, through an option called ” Prominence Score “. This is a system that allows you to follow and engage with some of the brightest minds in different areas quickly and easily. How can you increase your “ Prominence Score ”? Only engage with the audience that is also interested in the same topics as you, attracting them as followers.

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