Book Day is one of the dates marked on the calendar, in which letters and roses usually give color to the streets. However, year it’s time to live it from home, but don’t worry because we bring you ten free audiobooks by great authors of literature: Enjoy them at iVoox! Let your imagination fly with these audio stories: The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe We start the list with a classic of horror literature. Dare to live this story of one of the geniuses of suspense as you have never done before and let yourself be enveloped in the atmosphere of tension and uncertainty of ‘El Cuervo’. However, this with the voice of Olga, in Stories Read .

The Signalman, by Charles Dickens Can you imagine what it would be like to be able to feel death? One of humanity’s best writers tells the story of a man. A messenger of death, in the form of a specter. ‘El Guardavías’ promises strong emotions. A point of Luxembourg Phone Number desperation and impotence, which you can live with Terror and Nothing More. A very old man with enormous wings, by Gabriel García Márquez The work of the great. García Márquez could not be missing from this list. Let a world where magical realism prevails. Anything can happen, enter your home, with this tale about the story of…

Where Is My Head by Benito

However, Find out for yourself, with Martian Fiction . 1984, by George Orwell A futuristic and dystopian novel of a society where citizens are completely watched and controlled. This fierce criticism of totalitarian systems and the oppression of the power of the English author continues to generate debate today. However, is without a doubt a ‘must’ if you are interested in politics and social control systems, in which you can immerse yourself with the voices of November Night . However, strange house raised in the mist, by HP Lovecraft A philosophy professor eaten up with curiosity and an isolated house on top of a mountain at the foot of a cliff that the townspeople consider to be haunted.

This Lovecraft tale has all the ingredients to form a great story of terror and mystery. It is narrate in Tales from the Witch’s House . Sherlock Holmes-A Scandal in Bohemia by Arthur Conan Doyle History’s most famous detective tries to help eliminate evidence about a former flame of a royal. ‘A Scandal in Bohemiaread by every fan of police novels, and especially of Conan Doyle, as it is the first story starring Sherlock Holmes. This episode of Wild Tales will envelop you . Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, by JK Rowling The turn of Harry Potter lovers has come. We couldn’t leave aside the devotees of JK Rowling, so to whet your appetite we leave you with the second book in the saga, where the young students of Hogwarts will fight against the fearsome monster that petrifies the students of the school.

What Better Way to little

Enjoy this story with the little ones in the house, with Bedtime Stories ! The Last Shift by Stephen King Feel like you are inside a strange warehouse in a decrepit textile factory. Stephen King draws a gloomy scenario, where strange creatures will awaken all your deepest fears. Do you dare to go down? The book of Tobias accompanies you . However, by Isaac Asimov We are on a distant planet, which from time to time must face a phenomenon known as ‘The Stars’: What will happen when the entire planet goes dark? And when the light of the suns goes out? Men will go mad and an apocalyptic system will. However, miss it, on the Tales and Stories podcast .

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