“Where are the social media pioneers now? To paraphrase the song. I am indebted to my friend and longtime co-author, Hervé Kabla, for recounting the Uruguay WhatsApp Number List of the Media Aces association , which we reluctantly closed 2 years ago. Media Aces coincided with the blessed days of social media pioneers, the one that many have called “the age of care bears”.

It was so full of hope, a spirit of renewal, the desire to shake up standards and reinvent marketing which, by the way, was in great need of it. 10 years is a long time because a lot of water has passed under the bridges. Pioneers of social media and of this period of conferences and evangelism have remained strong friendships, even though many of the early bloggers threw in the towel and Hervé is one of the survivors with his excellent online journal Kablages , which always full of anecdotes and inspiring remarks.

Media Aces, The Association Of Social Media Pioneers

“The Media Aces association was born a bit by chance. At that time, the Western world was still suffering from the consequences of the subprime crisis. Nicolas Sarkozy was still in power. Else & Bang was still called blogAngels, and the agency’s sustainability was far from assured. Hosted in the premises of Tralalère de Braque, I had only a few clients to manage and did not know how to develop the activity around corporate blogging.

Uruguay WhatsApp Number List

It was then that Thomas Blard called me. Journalist on LCI, he had just launchedDecision makers. Buyer’s behavior in B2B: Internet and social networks have changed the behavior of … TV, a Web TV dedicated to professional subjects: finance, real estate, but also communication.

When Hervé K. Meets Yann G.

It was therefore necessary to find a few people to interview. Not easy, I didn’t have a lot of clients to highlight (and I never interviewed my first client, Yoplait, on this show). So I started looking for people to ask about their business blogs. How to find them? Even though I had written the Guide to the Corporate Blog a few months ago, I did not have enough material.

But I armed myself with patience, launched a few queries on Google and LinkedIn, and after a few months, I had interviewed more than thirty managers of corporate blogs: BNP Paribas, Société Générale, Chambre de trade of Paris, Ben & Jerry, La Camif, etc. I had enough material to write a new book on the subject, but that was not the goal. The corporate blog guide isn’t a legend, it really existed. Orange Business Services had even won a Golden Angel Yann Gourvennec was then officiating at Orange Business Services.

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