Digital transformation is no longer a new subject, it is time to take stock. Visionary Marketing presents in partnership with the G9 + an unmissable event, a UAE WhatsApp Number List opportunity to meet great bosses who will testify on digital. After the fads and buzzwords, the first waves of digital transformation have taken place, in all sectors and whatever the size of companies. All structures, public or private, have matured. Some of them have even entered the acceleration phase.

digital transformation Digital transformation: where did it go? Response on October 21, 2019. How do the leaders experience this acceleration? How are their relationship to uncertainty changing?
How do they prioritize their priorities? What are their great satisfactions, their failures, their dilemmas, their fears?

The G9 + Asks The Question: In Digital Transformation, Where Have The Ceos Gone?

In AI too the errors can be numerous
So let’s get back to our topic and this time talk about AI . There too, the errors are potentially numerous. But before going into these, very well described by Grégory Palière in this article that we wrote for our client iRevolution on his blog “the museum of the horrors of AI and digital transformation”, let’s first come back to on what makes the specificity of AI, to then describe the mistakes not to make. As we will see, they have a lot to do with those committed in digital transmission… but on another scale.

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AI takes IT to another scale
First, AI takes IT to another scale, that of “Big data”. But beware, not big data “à la papa”, as we imagined them seven years ago. These are not prototypes, but real projects with millions of data items, often resulting from the collection of information systems or the Internet of Things (IOT: which we mistakenly believe to be ‘a general public subject when in fact it is an industrial subject).

Beware, Dangerous Experts

This is in essence what The Augmented Company does with products like Star 5 , where millions of data are collected to enable rankings and benchmarks of consumer goods from all angles. This kind of technology is within the reach of large companies today. No need to build gas plants, technology is made of assemblies.

Then, this is a subject in which it is difficult to navigate, especially since the subject matter experts are confusing a lot. Some, real experts, come to tell us that artificial intelligence does not exist , which is of course a (false) stupidity, because it does exist (in fact it is more a specialist quibble that comes to us) explain that the term is poorly chosen to describe a reality more complex than the one it can cover).

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