The companies of 2019 are still trying to digest the digital transformation . No doubt this is because they missed the fact that digital transformation is more a matter of transformation with digital than a Turkey WhatsApp Number List for digital . Said like that, it seems obvious, but the recent testimony of Guillaume Pépy during the G9 conference in October 2019 , showed that there was still a long way to go. The many comments that followed on LinkedIn were also instructive.

This means that it makes a certain number of requests to be able to retrieve the content of a site. He first asks for the resolution of the domain name, that is to say its address, its name. And the robot that comes to retrieve content will first query the database to find out where the name of this site is located.

Ai Is Taking It To Another Scale: Beware Of Errors!

If the digital transformation has already cost companies a lot because of their mistakes, with AI, they will move up a gear. I found several types that I grouped as follows: On the one hand, the old digital grumblers who found themselves in Guillaume Pépy’s speeches with reflections such as “finally someone who dares to admit out loud what everyone is thinking in a whisper”. We will put them aside, it is more a cry of relief from people who have suffered in the field than useful information. The relief is understandable, but it is not necessarily a good tactic.

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museum of the horrors of digital transformation . note: the museum of the horrors of digital transformation having unfortunately closed its doors due to Covid-19, we have included this post here to allow readers to benefit from this content On the other hand, the old grumblers of management who explained that in the end, all this was “an abandonment of management” or “an admission of helplessness”. This is not wrong either. Moreover, Guilhaume Pépy did not hide it himself, when he admitted that management was its own brake on change. But we are not well advanced so far.

Use Your Mistakes

Because, to get off on the right foot, mistakes must be avoided and eliminated. This is why Pépy’s speech is interesting. Not because he let go as some have said. Certainly, he must have given free rein to a large number of frustrations which came out perhaps faster than he had thought.

But without trying to judge him or to judge the people he implicated, because it is neither our prerogative nor our desire, he was able to highlight a large number of dysfunctions which are classic in the implementation of digital transformations.

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